Tech Special: How to Communicate with your Wedding Party in a Pinch

Once upon a time, a group of groomsmen on a bachelor party extravaganza split up to negotiate with doormen at several clubs over bottle prices - and then spent precious texting time selecting eight different numbers to message to figure out where the night would best be spent.  Ever wanted to communicate with a large group of people (oh, say your bridal party) quickly?  Enter GroupMe, a new service that lets you create a "group" of people from numbers already in your contact list.  The site assigns your group a phone number - text it, and you send a message to everyone easily; call it and you can start an instant conference call.  Share photos, send your location... you get the picture.

Visit GroupMe to sign up for free.
Although the WSJ reports that it's a favorite amongst "mothers coordinating drop-offs and pick-ups, but also with skiers planning apr├Ęs-ski cocktails and patients updating relatives on their progress" I have a hunch it will revolutionize bridal party communications everyone.  Let's text to that.

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